Membership of the national “Council for British Archaeology” (CAB) subscription £29. Tel 01904 671417.  Website: http://new.archaeologyuk.org/  Excellent magazine.
Royal Archaeological Institute was founded in 1844. The major activities of the Institute are:
Monthly lectures. Lectures take place from October to May and are held at Burlington House, Piccadilly, London. These are given by visiting speakers on recent research, current archaeological projects and new discoveries. Lectures are filmed and available to members on our website afterwards. See our Lectures page for more details.
Meetings. At least three annual meetings are held: a day trip in the autumn, a weekend visit in the spring and a week long summer meeting. Often there is also a regional conference focusing on a particular theme or period of archaeological research. See this year's Meeting Programme and Conference for more details.
Publication. The Institute publishes The Archaeological Journal, a prestigious refereed journal, Summer Meeting Reports and a Newsletter. (Ordinary members £40/£35 DD; Associate members £20/£15 DD)  http://www.royalarchinst.org/membership


Membership of our local Wessex Branch of CAB – one can join separately – subscription £10.  E-m maddyandrews@btinternet.com; website: http://www.cba-wessex.org.uk/
Wessex Academy of Field Archaeology (WAFA) started out as an idea from the Wessex branch of the CBA in early 2013. It grew out of the realisation that many of those who have a fascination with archaeology would love to be able to get involved with its practicalities. They would like to learn how to ‘read’ landscapes, how to recognise ancient finds and how to dig.  Website: http://www.wafa.org.uk/
Membership of our local “Avon Valley Archaeological Society” which meets in Ringwood monthly but covers our area and undertakes excavations, geophys surveys and field walking as well as monthly talks by archaeologists.  Subscription £10. Website https://avonvalleyarchsoc.wordpress.com/
The East Dorset Antiquarian Society (EDAS) is an amateur society which is actively engaged in all aspects of archaeology and historical research.  Activities include:

Membership £8.50.  http://www.dorset-archaeology.org.uk/index.html